Childcare / Babysitting

Every Child Finds a Home Away from Home, Aren't They?

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that every child is unique and deserves to be valued for who they are. We foster a culture of respect, kindness, and inclusivity, where children feel safe to express themselves and explore the world around them.

At Big Timber Creek, we understand that choosing childcare is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where your child can learn, grow, and thrive.

From infants to school-aged children, we offer a range of programs tailored to meet the developmental needs of each age group. Our experienced and caring staff provide engaging activities and experiences that promote social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Our Facilities

Located in a scenic setting surrounded by nature, our facilities offer spacious indoor and outdoor play areas where children can learn and play in a safe and stimulating environment. We prioritize safety and cleanliness, with regular sanitation protocols in place to ensure the well-being of all children and staff. Before and After School Care: We offer a safe and enriching environment for school-aged children before and after school hours, including homework assistance, creative activities, and outdoor play.

Infant Care

Our infant program focuses on building secure attachments, promoting sensory exploration, and laying the foundation for early learning.


Our preschool curriculum is designed to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond, with a focus on literacy, numeracy, and social skills.

Toddler Program

Toddlers are natural explorers, and our toddler program provides opportunities for hands-on learning, imaginative play, and language development.

Parent Partnership

We believe that strong partnerships with parents are essential for a child’s success. We encourage open communication and collaboration, with regular updates on your child’s progress and opportunities for parent involvement in our programs and events.

We invite you to schedule a tour of our facility and meet our dedicated team. See firsthand why Big Timber Creek is the perfect place for your child to learn, grow, and thrive. Contact us today to get started on your child’s journey to a brighter future!

We are committed to providing a nurturing and supportive environment where every child feels loved, valued, and respected. Our passionate educators are dedicated to fostering a love of learning, curiosity, and creativity in each child, laying the foundation for a lifetime of success. Join us at Big Timber Creek, where every child’s potential is recognized and celebrated!

A Holistic Approach to Development

We believe that every child is unique and deserves an individualized approach to learning and development. That’s why we take a holistic approach, addressing the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of each child. Our curriculum incorporates a variety of hands-on activities, creative experiences, and age-appropriate challenges to support well-rounded growth and development. Whether it’s through dramatic play, outdoor exploration, or guided learning activities, we provide opportunities for children to learn and grow in a supportive and encouraging environment.

A Welcoming Environment

Step into Big Timber Creek and feel the warmth of our welcoming environment. Our friendly staff greets each child with a smile, creating a sense of belonging from the moment they arrive. With cozy reading corners, vibrant play areas, and stimulating learning spaces, our facility is designed to inspire curiosity and creativity in every child.

Hands-On Learning Adventures

At Big Timber Creek, learning is an adventure! Through hands-on activities and engaging experiences, children explore the world around them, discovering new concepts and expanding their horizons. From science experiments to artistic expression, every day is filled with opportunities for discovery and growth.

Family-Centered Community

Join our Big Timber Creek family and become part of a supportive community where parents and caregivers are valued partners in their child’s education journey. With regular communication, parent involvement opportunities, and special events, we foster strong connections between home and school, ensuring that every child receives the support they need to thrive.

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