Wetlands Plants of the Upper Watershed

Skunk Cabbage Flower

Skunk Cabbage

Golden Club

Spotted Touch-me-not

Virginia Meadow Beauty

Star Flower

Cardinal Flower


Common Blue Violet

Blue Flag

Yellow -eye Grass

Cinnamon Fern

Royal Fern

Soft Rush




Big Timber Creek
Upper Watershed

Wetlands seep along the bottom of a hill.


Wetlands with skunk cabbage in early spring.


The Stone Bridge Branch is one of the many small tributaries located in the upper portion of the Big Timber Creek Watershed. It begins in Gloucester Township and flows south through a thick woodlands, joining the Big Timber Creek near the Atlantic City Expressway.


Atlantic White Cedar grows in wetlands in the creek's upper tributaries


Clementona Lake.


Big Timber Creek Along The Atlantic City Expressway