Wetlands Plants of the Middle and Lower Watershed

Common Arrowhead

Fragrant Waterlily

Swamp Smartweed

Wild Rice

Broad Leaf Cattail

Turk's Cap Lily

Fringed Loosestrife

Big Timber Creek
Middle Watershed


Grenloch Lake

Grenloch Lake is one of the larger dammed lakes found in the Big Timber Creek Watershed and is located in Washington Township. The creek was dammed to provide power for a saw mill and then later the lake became a popular swimmer area and amusement park. It is now part of the Washington Township Park system. Below Grenloch Lake Big Timber Creek flows through Gloucester Township and past the Camden County Lake Land complex.

Farther downstream the creek enters Blackwood Lake, the last impoundment on the main stem of the watershed. Blackwood Lake provided power for a grist mill, was a popular summer resort and had a large hotel along its banks.


Big Timber Creek Below Blackwood Lake


Almonesson Creek Below Alomonesson Lake