Fish Eating Birds of the Watershed

Great Blue Heron

Geat Egret

Snowy Egret

Belted Kingfisher

Double Crested Cormorant



Bald Eagle


Big Timber Creek
Lower Watershed



Below Cooper Street Big Timber Creek winds through wide tidal wetlands thick with wild rice. These wetlands provide food and habitat for many kinds of resident and migratory birds. Wetlands also hold and slowly release water during a flood and help filter sediment and pollution from runoff.


Hirsh's Lake




Ladd's Branch



Below Route 42 the creek flows between Deptford Township and Bellmawr. The Bellmawr Waterfront Redevelopment is located along the north bank and the preserved 55 acre Andaloro Farm is along the south bank.


Below Route 295 the creek flows between Bellmawr and Westville. The creek is narrow in this area and the tides are very strong and range up to 5 feet between low and high tide. Philadelphia is in the distance.







Big Timber Creek flows through a large tidal wetlands at its confluence with the Delaware River between Gloucester City and Westville. This is where the the Dutch built Fort Nassau in 1623, the first European settlement in the Southern New Jersey.