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Big Timber Creek
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A Visual Tour of the Big Timber Creek Watershed and it's Flora and Fauna

From its headwaters in Washington and Winslow townships, Big Timber Creek flows west, draining a land area of 63 square miles and flowing through 28 communities.

The main stream and most of the South Branch form the border between Gloucester and Camden counties. The main stem of the creek is less than 4 miles long but the total creek has nine significant tributaries and six major lakes.

The North Branch is 10 miles long and drains the urban area of Camden County. The South Branch is 11 miles long, joins the Delaware River between the towns of Westville and Gloucester City.

Other tributaries include Almonesson Creek, Beaver Brook, Holly Run, Little Lebanon Branch, Otter Brook, Stone Bridge Branch, Toms Branch, and Little Timber Creek.

Major lakes within the Big Timber Creek watershed include Almonesson Lake, Jones Lake, Grenlock Lake, Hirsch Pond, Clementon Lake and Blackwood Lake.

Big Timber Creek:
Has 25 total stream miles
Drains 63 square. miles of land
Has 34 tributaries
A source for 20 lakes and ponds
Flows through 28 communities


Big Timber Creek, Delaware River and Philadelphia.

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